Saturday, February 19, 2011

Triggered by a dream

It has been a long time since I have updated this blog...
Too many things has happened... good.. bad.. well, that's life.. i always think that things happens for a reason.. and indeed it has strong reasons to it.. never regretted what has happened..

so.. what has happened to me?
career wise.. i am doing antivirus now.. mostly on threat mgmt.. was with shell then IT was outsourced to EDS then HP acquired EDS.. so now i am working in HP lor.. planning for a change now that I am already 2 years in the same dept.. either internally or external..
love wise... one phrase.. lost and found.. it's time to move on when ppl just dun appreciate it..
what am i driving now? now driving honda city.. so how i ended up with a city? bmw bought and sold.. sold my saga lmst... bought a vios.. got stolen.. then got a city.. so far this car is much better than vios.. and why did i not buy a city instead of vios the first time? not enough money lor.. by the time the insurance claims done for the stolen vios is done, managed to saved up enough for city.. i still get msg from toyota to fix an issue on the wire harness.. duh... and recently honda announced of a recall on city for a dunno-wat issue on the rocker arm thingy.. dunno mine will kena or not... sigh..

hmm.. wat else...
well.. i am now into toys.. bought lots now selling some.. :D my room looks like a toy shop now.. to make it worst.. i have 20+ bottles of liquors and wines in my room.. miniatures.. lots of DVDs.. books.. crazy..

i think that's all for now...

oh... one more thing.. what made me to update my blog after 200 years or silence? I had a dream of updating this blog so this is what i am doing... :D

ok for now.. let's wait for another 200 years till i update this blog then.. hehe

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