Thursday, February 24, 2011

car upgrades

was quite fortunate to have noticed someone from hc3 selling a few accessories off his car as he was migrating to aussie... first few things caught my eyes were UR anti rollbar and the voltage stabiliser + grounding kit.
as some might know that anti rollbar is placed at the bottom of the car fasten at the rear wheel assembly or something like that :P it is supposed to help stabilise the car and preventing it to roll too much thus the name anti rollbar
next up is the voltage stabiliser and grounding kit... it's supposed to stabilise voltage current in the car thus helping to prolong the life of the battery.. noticeable affects are headlights will seem brighter and dun flick when alternator charges.. cooler aircon.. etc.. but i doubt it will that much.. :D i am just putting it hoping that it might help prolonging the battery's life.. :D
can't wait to have that installed.. probably next week.. especially anti rollbar.. i want to feel how it really feels after hearing so many good comments bout it..
let you know next time when i have installed it.. ciao..

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