Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old no go.. new don't come

Looks like I have finally decided to sell my current car.. planning to upgrade to a better one.. gotta do it now before I settle down.. I don't think I can spend anything extras after that.. so.. anybody looking for a well maintained car.. interior and exterior wise.. my fuel consumption is around 14km/l or 13cents/km.. quite good I would say.. I am a detailing freak.. so there is no tar sticking at my door.. I clay them off.. I don't use Kit products.. but I use Meguair's products.. Gold Class shampoo.. Clay kit.. NXT wax.. these stuff are not cheap but they last.. and it is damn goooood!!
Engine wise.. I always service when it is time whether it is needed or not.. NO OIL LEAKS!! I change all the necessary gaskets to ensure no oil leaks.. I flush every 3rd oil change.. and uses full sync engine oil.. I am using MOTUL gear oil now.. very smooth and just changed the clutch pad Dec 2007.. I also flushes the brake oil every 6 months.. coolant flush every 20,000km..
I still keep all my service records since the day I got the car..
My car is fully soundproofed... Roof.. Doors.. Floor.. and the boot area.. till now.. no squeeks or all that ..
Using 15" sports rims with Yokohama Prada Spec2 195/50/15 tyres with 70% thread left.. superb aqua planning but a bit noisy.. just did my alignment and balancing..
Car will be converted to stock before letting go.. meaning stock cassette player.. stock speakers.. stock alarm and all that.. perhaps I can throw in my open pod air filter, spotlights and UR rear upper bar with the car..

Sighhhhhhhhh... after listing all this down really heavy hearted to let the car go.. incidentally.. this is the first time I am selling something from my own possession.. haiiihhhh.. the car is still a very strong one.. can really give me the power when I wanted it.. and still the fuel consumption is low.. **SOB SOB** anyone interested.. please let me know lo..

Too many have I gone thru with you...
I loved you and you loved me too
You took me to places..
I've seen new faces
And now it is time to let you go..
heart broken I am but I still love you so.

Ciao... haiihhhh


izso said...

How much you wanna sell? I think I might have a buyer. Call me!

Alex Hang said...

PM-ed u.. our deal is on.. ;P