Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Work.. work.. workkkk

Have not been updating my blog much lately.. work has been bad these days.. getting more and more assignments and to make things worst, my team member has resigned making me taking on more jobs.. well.. I have been some mixed feelings bout it and mostly I feel so damn HAPPY!! haha.. didn't expect huh? well, I am happy that she has finally gonna leave the team.. be gone already.. with her away, I can now push my limits further and gain more seniority in the team.. work has increased.. no doubt.. what to do.. normal ler

Anyway.. I was quite tired last week and kinda down too.. So.. when I am not too happy.. I'll buy something.. Guess what I bought.. guess...

guess lo...

A Garmin Nuvi 200w!! YAY!!! very the happy after that but can't say the same bout my wallet tho'.. anyway.. I was kinda lazy to take the pics of the actual unit..(lemme owe you all on tat).. So far, I have tested the navigation and it is really really coool.. There are a bunch of language to choose from and I get free maps all the way.. lifetime.. instead of getting charged RM100-150 for maps of different countries, this guy says he will provide any maps.. FOC.. Free Of Charge.. ok lar.. as if I travel to other countries that often but.. it is a value add service, no?

Now.. looking forward to MIFC next week.. gonna try something new.. thanks to my bro for explaining.. he is a better photographer than me (obviously) cos he knows the technical details of the lens and knows how to calculate the f and all that stuff.. for me.. err.. shoot oni.. as long as it is not blur, ok lo.. now i know how he feels when I talk bout PCs..

Anyway.. that is all I have for now.. till next time



izso said...

What kind of ka-chang you need for the fireworks event? Exposure lenses?

Btw, the Garmin retails for about 900. I hope you got it around that price. Should've told me, I probably could have gotten you a discount.

Alex Hang said...

oooh.. alamak.. i got at a diff deal.. errmm.. and it is the unlocked version.. :P

ka chang for fireworks..
1) sturdy tripod
2) black card
3) shutter release cable
4) errm.. lots of practise..

u coming over?

izso said...

Alex : I have none of the above. So no point for me trying to go for pics.

And yeah.. all Garmins in KL are unlocked.

Alex Hang said...

can come to look see look see too.. from your place to cyber oso quite close ..

oic.. but this guy lets me have any maps foc.. so ok lo.. when u r getting urs? hehe

anechoic said...

if malaysia/singapore map, u can get it from :D

enjoy ur toy!! haha..

Alex Hang said...

thanks for the info, anechoic..
yeah.. enjoying every moment.. but then.. gf said that now go no excuse not to go outstation.. hehe