Saturday, August 16, 2008

Almost to hell and back

Last 3 days were like a ride to Hell for me.. almost to Hell, I can say..
Started off on Wednesday morning.. when I woke up, I felt my body kinda hot and feverish but ignored it.. I was feeling this way since a few weeks ago.. a fever that never came.. later around 11am in the office.. felt my whole body start to shiver and confirms I already caught a fever. You see, in a year, I would get 1 or 2, the most 3 times fever but each time my temp will hit 38°C or 39°C.. which is quite bad.. 39°C is like I got hit by SARS..
Anyway, later at 12, I asked for a half day cos I can feel my temperature rising..
driving back, weather was hot, didn't help much on my current condition.. I went straight to the clinic and the doctor checked my temperature was 38.9°C..!? Just fever nothing else luckily.. So.. went back home, took the medicines, took a nap.. woke up for dinner.. go to bed.. I remember at this time, my condition got worst.. woke up 4am to take a leak.. my sight was so blur as if I walking through thick smoke.. I remembered I felt like I was just like going down...
Thursday morning.. got worst.. throat swollen.. swallowing my own saliva is soooo painful.. at this time, didn't feel my temp subsided so I went to the doctor to check again.. this time.. 38°C.. throat swollen.. this time insisted to take a jab so I hope that I could recover quicker this time..
I told myself if by tomorrow, my temperature does not subside, I need to get confirmation that I am not one of the dengue victims.. around noon.. my head can't stop spinning and feels heavy.. didn't felt like talking.. walking.. looking.. just like sleeping the whole day.. due to my throat.. have not been eating much too..
Friday morning, woke up with a positive note.. my temp finally subsided.. YAY!! but my head still feels heavy and my blardy throat still hurts.. trying to avoid solid food but what choice do I have to ease my hunger.. for someone that eat 2 bowls of rice each serving.. this is one hard diet I am going thru..
Saturday morning feels alot better .. head seems normal.. I can still think rationally.. but my throat still hurts :(

Well, at least I did not add to the dengue patient statistics for my state :P
and this is my first time getting 3 days MC!! and somehow, I completed alot of outstanding tasks from home.. hehe



izso said...

For someone who eats so much rice, I'm surprised you're not as fat as me. :P

Alex Hang said...

my metabolism rate is higher than u mar.. despite my size, i am weighing 75KG.. hehe