Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today's headlines

Today.. infact yesterday it all started.. the biggest news this year for my homeland.. well, there's a bigger one bout loosing the election news thingy but that was expected.. anywayyyyy... I am sure that you all know about the new Petrol price here..

Somehow, I don't feel angry or disappointed as I already feel that this is kind of a "sooner or later" thing.. I was wondering how long can the government sustain such a crazy increase in global crude oil.. I am not siding anyone but thinking from a neutral stand.. perhaps we should change our lifestyle to cope with the economy crisis that is coming soon..or maybe it is already here already?

Well.. that aside.. now I need to do abit of studying.. will be having a wedding photography session this weekend.. not as an official photographer but a sideline one.. will not be a good one since I am still flash-less.. planning to shoot RAW most of the time so I can adjust the temperature later.

See how it goes.. planning to grab the flash some time end of this or next month..

Will need to prepare to pay more for the daily essentials now.. I think people will be forced to differentiate what is needed and what is not..

Ah well... what to do..



anechoic said...

the problem with the rising prices is just that the per capita income yada yada for us is just too low compare to spending power i think..haha

Alex Hang said...

i understand wat u trying to say, mate.. but sad to say, we are in no control of all these..
Looks like we need to look for part-time jobs..