Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photo Assignment : Wedding of Wilson and Pei Pei

Finally managed to checked all the photos and finish off some final touches..
A total of 500+ photos altogether for day and night shots.. well, quantity is not the issue but the quality..
I have yet to upload the photos to my online album and I am still selecting a few to be viewed online.. no point to upload all which is close to a GB of size..

Lessons learnt from this shoot is that I desperately need an external flash to handle low light conditions. Pop-up flash is ok but the environment will be filled with white light and the light needs to be diffused cos it will shoot directly to the subject.. With an external flash, I will be able to control the lighting conditions where I can twist the light spread and also control the colour of the light filled..
Another thing is that if I decide to do this freelance, I would need to get a fast lens to handle the shots well..
All I know is that handling wedding shoots is that you need to be quick, no time to rest and should always have your finger ready at the shutter button at all times cos you will never know when will the golden shot should appear and there's no take two of the scenes just like doing sports photography.. you just need to be quick and able to predict the moment..
And most importantly, you just have to shake off the pressure taking wedding shoots.. I was quite carefree when taking the shots cos I was actually working for free this time to test out my skills so far.. I am thinking if I would be so composed if I were to start charging people.. anyway.. still thinking bout this..

Meanwhile, here's another shot to share.. will be uploading a few to my facebook and picasa soon..

Now, my mind is all set for Cherating this weekend, with a photo competition this time.. it is really worthwhile to test my skill on landscape photography.. perhaps I should think out of the box and be different to gain attention.. ;)



izso said...

Dude, could I get tips on how to do stuff like that with Photoshop? I've been cracking my head day in day out man

Alex Hang said...

sure... i got this techniques by's a link to achieve this

try searching around.. lots of online help.. dun need to buy those thick expensive photoshop books

izso said...

Cool! Thanks!