Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just got back

Phewww.. just got back from Cherating Club Med.. damn, it was a GREAT trip..
This time I was more prepared and took lots of shots this time.. I am soooo tanned now.. been walking around the place whole day and managed to catch the sunrise!! A beautiful day it was.. tho' it was so hot but of course it is better than raining the whole day...
For the trip, I purposely bought a Hoya Pro1D CPL filter which costs me a bomb.. but was worth it..
Other than photography, was having a good time drinking and eating non-stop.. free flow mar.. but I drank till I have almost reached my limits then stopped.. Don't want to be stupidly drunk and start puking all over..
I am sooo tanned and tired now.. but don't feel like ruining my sleep tonite.. Gonna have my dinner and look at my photos.. and will write a full report...


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