Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here today, gone tomorrow

Simple yet true... we can be still be here today.. but will never know if we could still be around the next day..
life can be given and can be taken swiftly without us realising that how so many things we have missed.. things that we have yet to complete.. things that we have yet to say.. things we always reserve for the special occasions but it does not come.. things we usually wait for tomorrow but it did not come..

How sad that we (including myself) takes things for granted and realised it is too late till it is just too late definitely..

We bitch about others but do not stop and look at ourselves.. complaining the people and the other elements.. but the change is all within ourselves.. Changes is inevitable and we just have to adapt to it..

Anyway.. it was really unexpected for you to be gone.. there's so much we did not expect anyway..


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