Monday, June 2, 2008

Earthquake at Sichuan,China

I may sound sissy but I admit I do weep at sad or tragic movies..
This particular video I got in my Facebook really touched me deeply and yes, I wept watching this clip.. really felt pity to the victims of natural disasters..

I know alot of you have noticed that Tzu Chi volunteers are everywhere helping to raise funds for the people there to rebuild their lives or even read of fund raising events.. Please do donate generously to the cause.. not necessarily in large sums but something you are comfortable with..

In a minute, you are expecting to get back to your wife to say you love her.. but in a split second, you are buried under tons of rubble and fighting for your life..

That's... life...



izso said...

Did you receive the powerpoint about those victims who formed an arch around their children just to protect their children at the cost of their own life? man.. when I saw that article I just felt a really heavy heart man. Instant.

Alex Hang said...

yeah.. i saw that slides too..
It really shows the true human traits of helping others in need irregardless of who they are..
Really heart wrenching to see all this..