Friday, June 20, 2008

Club Med, Cherating 2008

Been there last year and again this year, both being our annual company trip there.. Not bad.. quite a nice place to relax despite the activities they had over there..
This year round, was not that hectic as previous, which means more chance to take more and more photos.. and more I did.. compared to last year, I took 300 more which is crazy.. looking back at what I took, I feel there was abit of improvement..

The beach is facing South China Sea which means the wave is stronger and I can catch the sunrise.. which I did.. woke up 6.30am just to catch this

Suprisingly, I can wake up so early and go to bed late with no complains.. find it hard to keep this up when I go to work tho'..

Overall, the place is really nice and tranquil but best to be there with a group of friends.. err.. this is not a honeymoon spot, i warn you..

I am still sorting out all my photos.. and here's one that I particularly liked.. It is now saved as my desktop wallpaper.. feels so relaxed looking at this photo..
As for the rest.. run over to my facebook profile or picasa to check 'em out..

P/S Anyway.. just to say that I did not win the photography competition.. The theme was Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-something.. I submitted a photo of a bunch of people doing some yoga on the grass.. I thought that would fit the theme but somehow a photo of a deck chair in the middle of the grass won the competition.. well, judges' decision.. different person, different view.. nevermind lar.. small matter oni..

ok lar.. time to sort out the rest of the photos... Ciao...


izso said...

I like the sunrise pic.

and er.. don't you think you should increase the contrast or something a bit? Looks kinda dull.

Alex Hang said...

thanks, dude..
hmm.. didn't do any PP on all the photos.. too lazy already.. just let it be lo..keke