Thursday, June 26, 2008

All ready for the next trip

Bags + backup bags - Check!
Shirts + pants + extras - Check!
Other essentials - Check!
Hotel and tour reservations - Check!
Camera + batteries + memory cards - Check!
Money - Check!

Looks like I am very much ready for my next trip this weekend.. wait a minute.. I forgot to put in something else.. hehe.. I know that I said I hated last minute purchase but somehow this one went thru.. I just got myself a new Canon 580 EX II External Flash.. and it costs me a bomb.. :( but it is worth it.. I needed it anyway..

Just called the hotel and confirmed my reservations and has everything all arranged.. The reception was very helpful and they even had an in-house travel agent that can arrange all the local tours.. talk about good service.. afterall, this hotel was a highly recommended in the net..

All that is pending now is to get a few more items before I fly tomorrow.. talk about being last minute again.. aiyo.. And now, regretted that I accepted the invite to go for the Putrajaya Lake Cruise Dinner tonight.. i feel that I have yet to finish buying all the stuff I need.. oh well.. can still buy tomorrow at the airport (that comes with a hefty price tag).. or buy it tomorrow at my destination..

OK lar.. time for lunchhhh.. and list out anything else I need..and also the itineraries..
See you'll soon...expect more photos again.. haha



izso said...

Where the fug you off to now la? Wahlauweh.. $$$ man you

Alex Hang said...

I am back!!! hahaha
went to Langkawi lar bro.. hehe