Thursday, June 26, 2008

All ready for the next trip

Bags + backup bags - Check!
Shirts + pants + extras - Check!
Other essentials - Check!
Hotel and tour reservations - Check!
Camera + batteries + memory cards - Check!
Money - Check!

Looks like I am very much ready for my next trip this weekend.. wait a minute.. I forgot to put in something else.. hehe.. I know that I said I hated last minute purchase but somehow this one went thru.. I just got myself a new Canon 580 EX II External Flash.. and it costs me a bomb.. :( but it is worth it.. I needed it anyway..

Just called the hotel and confirmed my reservations and has everything all arranged.. The reception was very helpful and they even had an in-house travel agent that can arrange all the local tours.. talk about good service.. afterall, this hotel was a highly recommended in the net..

All that is pending now is to get a few more items before I fly tomorrow.. talk about being last minute again.. aiyo.. And now, regretted that I accepted the invite to go for the Putrajaya Lake Cruise Dinner tonight.. i feel that I have yet to finish buying all the stuff I need.. oh well.. can still buy tomorrow at the airport (that comes with a hefty price tag).. or buy it tomorrow at my destination..

OK lar.. time for lunchhhh.. and list out anything else I need..and also the itineraries..
See you'll soon...expect more photos again.. haha


Friday, June 20, 2008

Club Med, Cherating 2008

Been there last year and again this year, both being our annual company trip there.. Not bad.. quite a nice place to relax despite the activities they had over there..
This year round, was not that hectic as previous, which means more chance to take more and more photos.. and more I did.. compared to last year, I took 300 more which is crazy.. looking back at what I took, I feel there was abit of improvement..

The beach is facing South China Sea which means the wave is stronger and I can catch the sunrise.. which I did.. woke up 6.30am just to catch this

Suprisingly, I can wake up so early and go to bed late with no complains.. find it hard to keep this up when I go to work tho'..

Overall, the place is really nice and tranquil but best to be there with a group of friends.. err.. this is not a honeymoon spot, i warn you..

I am still sorting out all my photos.. and here's one that I particularly liked.. It is now saved as my desktop wallpaper.. feels so relaxed looking at this photo..
As for the rest.. run over to my facebook profile or picasa to check 'em out..

P/S Anyway.. just to say that I did not win the photography competition.. The theme was Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-something.. I submitted a photo of a bunch of people doing some yoga on the grass.. I thought that would fit the theme but somehow a photo of a deck chair in the middle of the grass won the competition.. well, judges' decision.. different person, different view.. nevermind lar.. small matter oni..

ok lar.. time to sort out the rest of the photos... Ciao...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here today, gone tomorrow

Simple yet true... we can be still be here today.. but will never know if we could still be around the next day..
life can be given and can be taken swiftly without us realising that how so many things we have missed.. things that we have yet to complete.. things that we have yet to say.. things we always reserve for the special occasions but it does not come.. things we usually wait for tomorrow but it did not come..

How sad that we (including myself) takes things for granted and realised it is too late till it is just too late definitely..

We bitch about others but do not stop and look at ourselves.. complaining the people and the other elements.. but the change is all within ourselves.. Changes is inevitable and we just have to adapt to it..

Anyway.. it was really unexpected for you to be gone.. there's so much we did not expect anyway..


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just got back

Phewww.. just got back from Cherating Club Med.. damn, it was a GREAT trip..
This time I was more prepared and took lots of shots this time.. I am soooo tanned now.. been walking around the place whole day and managed to catch the sunrise!! A beautiful day it was.. tho' it was so hot but of course it is better than raining the whole day...
For the trip, I purposely bought a Hoya Pro1D CPL filter which costs me a bomb.. but was worth it..
Other than photography, was having a good time drinking and eating non-stop.. free flow mar.. but I drank till I have almost reached my limits then stopped.. Don't want to be stupidly drunk and start puking all over..
I am sooo tanned and tired now.. but don't feel like ruining my sleep tonite.. Gonna have my dinner and look at my photos.. and will write a full report...


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photo Assignment : Wedding of Wilson and Pei Pei

Finally managed to checked all the photos and finish off some final touches..
A total of 500+ photos altogether for day and night shots.. well, quantity is not the issue but the quality..
I have yet to upload the photos to my online album and I am still selecting a few to be viewed online.. no point to upload all which is close to a GB of size..

Lessons learnt from this shoot is that I desperately need an external flash to handle low light conditions. Pop-up flash is ok but the environment will be filled with white light and the light needs to be diffused cos it will shoot directly to the subject.. With an external flash, I will be able to control the lighting conditions where I can twist the light spread and also control the colour of the light filled..
Another thing is that if I decide to do this freelance, I would need to get a fast lens to handle the shots well..
All I know is that handling wedding shoots is that you need to be quick, no time to rest and should always have your finger ready at the shutter button at all times cos you will never know when will the golden shot should appear and there's no take two of the scenes just like doing sports photography.. you just need to be quick and able to predict the moment..
And most importantly, you just have to shake off the pressure taking wedding shoots.. I was quite carefree when taking the shots cos I was actually working for free this time to test out my skills so far.. I am thinking if I would be so composed if I were to start charging people.. anyway.. still thinking bout this..

Meanwhile, here's another shot to share.. will be uploading a few to my facebook and picasa soon..

Now, my mind is all set for Cherating this weekend, with a photo competition this time.. it is really worthwhile to test my skill on landscape photography.. perhaps I should think out of the box and be different to gain attention.. ;)


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Preview : Photography Assignment

A preview of a photography assignment I had today.. will be continued :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today's headlines

Today.. infact yesterday it all started.. the biggest news this year for my homeland.. well, there's a bigger one bout loosing the election news thingy but that was expected.. anywayyyyy... I am sure that you all know about the new Petrol price here..

Somehow, I don't feel angry or disappointed as I already feel that this is kind of a "sooner or later" thing.. I was wondering how long can the government sustain such a crazy increase in global crude oil.. I am not siding anyone but thinking from a neutral stand.. perhaps we should change our lifestyle to cope with the economy crisis that is coming soon..or maybe it is already here already?

Well.. that aside.. now I need to do abit of studying.. will be having a wedding photography session this weekend.. not as an official photographer but a sideline one.. will not be a good one since I am still flash-less.. planning to shoot RAW most of the time so I can adjust the temperature later.

See how it goes.. planning to grab the flash some time end of this or next month..

Will need to prepare to pay more for the daily essentials now.. I think people will be forced to differentiate what is needed and what is not..

Ah well... what to do..


Monday, June 2, 2008

Earthquake at Sichuan,China

I may sound sissy but I admit I do weep at sad or tragic movies..
This particular video I got in my Facebook really touched me deeply and yes, I wept watching this clip.. really felt pity to the victims of natural disasters..

I know alot of you have noticed that Tzu Chi volunteers are everywhere helping to raise funds for the people there to rebuild their lives or even read of fund raising events.. Please do donate generously to the cause.. not necessarily in large sums but something you are comfortable with..

In a minute, you are expecting to get back to your wife to say you love her.. but in a split second, you are buried under tons of rubble and fighting for your life..

That's... life...