Thursday, May 29, 2008

New toy..

As always, being the most impulsive person I am, in the craziest moment, I got myself a new toy..or should I say a new "valuable" or myyyy precioussss..

Presenting to you, my new toy..
aiya.. this guy.. too shy.. still hiding in the box..

Come out.. come out..

Let me go over for a closer look..

So, obviously, I got myself a Seiko watch.. after sometime thinking between a Seiko and Casio Edifice Chronograph series .. I somewhat ditch the idea of getting a Casio.. well, I already have a Casio G-Shock watch that is already 10 years old (changed 3 times battery nia) and is still serving me oh so well.. Thought of getting a different one.. I remember I had an Alba watch tho' but don't know where it's gone to..

Anyway, this particular watch I got was the latest collection called Criteria they were promoting with Daniel Wu as their ambassador (PHEEEWWUIIITTTT) and I find it quite nice looking, the watch I mean.. wanted something that I can wear during formal outings and also to show the sportsmen in me (yeah..righttt)... well, the SPC019P1 was the obvious choice for me with the RRP at over a thousand Ringgit, the price was somewhat reasonable.. of course, it got better as it was on sale so the price was alot cheaper and within my budget.. well, consider this as an early Birthday present to myself.. err.. which is like 4 months away.. haha..

After so many years of not wearing a watch to work, I find it akward something strapped to my left wrist all the time but it is kinda comfortable and strange enough, I find myself more confident than before.. haha.. as if lar..

Think I gonna be impulsive again.. ;P



izso said...

Scratch resistant, shock resistant, water proof and automatic?

They say in any party, the first thing people notice is the watch of the person. It tells them how much of a business man/woman that person just by looking at the watch.

How much is that watch anyway?

Alex Hang said...

with a tachymeter tat calculate average speed of the vehicle.. stopwatch to 1/100 sec..

i agree with ur statement of looking at the watch.. this means i am more of a sporty fella then a bizmen..

the price of the watch..psst.. a few hundred lo.. muahaha

anechoic said... watch.. can glow wan wor!!

Alex Hang said...

haha..yeah.. only when it is dark.. turned off all the lights and placed a long exposure for this shot..
really a cool watch to have, dude