Friday, May 2, 2008

Is this the one?

I am still thinking but I am wondering if I am thinking too much.. Alot will want to jump straight in but my feelings are different.. I know this may be the big break I am waiting for.. A few good things came within a month.. confused..
Firstly.. I have passed my ITIL V3 Foundation Exam!! Yeah.. 32/40 not bad lar.. tot I was gonna fail cos I was always concentrating on the good food..
Secondly.. Got called for an interview with another MNC company.. got a feeling that I have impressed the interviewers definitely.. as always, the interview was a very relaxed affair.. I will be talking cock nevertheless.. One of the question I got, which is kinda typical was
Interviewer : What would you see yourself in 5 years time
Me : Huh?! Err.. seriously, I wouldn't know..
Interviewer : Oooohhhh.. O.o
Me : **With a little devilish smile** Well, you see.. what I will become in the future, totally relies on what I am doing about it now.. right..
Interviewers : **Stunned looks but nods with agreement..**
Me : **Thinking I have nailed it** I do set a target.. but I want to concentrate what I have now in my hands..
Interviewers : **Still stunned**

I guess they were expecting some kind of typical replies like I want to be the Team Leader or I want to be able to contribute to your company's project by saving lots of money bla bla.. haha.. well, I am NOT the typical person anyway..

I always been the one to crack up a joke here and there..

Anyway.. another "offer" I got today got me thinking again.. Is this the one I am waiting for? Definitely it is a GOOD deal but I am still thinking.. perhaps I should be able to get a clearer picture soon...

I guess.. it could be time for a change?



izso said...

Full time hexa? Full partner? :D

Alex Hang said...

still thinking bout it.. and will require me to sacrifice something big..

izso said...

The D vs the E thing issit? Tell la

Alex Hang said...

The D and the E? hmm.. the plot thickens.. keke.. perhaps we can talk further this sat.. and also can take ur ram..baaa

izso said...

Eh.. I'll drop by this weekend. But my car has to go on Friday so I won't be joining you all in Everco. Damn.