Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back from a vacation

WOW!!! Just got back from Perhentian Island and was I wrong to think it was boring.. The reason I thought it was gonna be a boring trip is because we are refrained from doing any water activities as it is against some safety rules of the company..
End up, we went snorkelling.. as we are still safe knowing that there are lots of lifeguards watching us..
This trip had a few first times for me.. and I have challenge my limits that is the fear of water.. well, sadly, I don't know how to swim so I have always shy away from swimming... And when I heard bout the snorkelling activity, I almost turned it down but I felt I shouldn't let a good trip go.. so I went ahead with it..
I was assured that we will not have any problems floating while wearing the life jacket so I was quite confident of it..
My first dive into the water was a scary one.. did not know how it will be and as I go straight down into the water.. there was no turning back.. I can still recall my first glance to the corals.. so beautifully placed and the abundance of fishes.. really cannot forget the scene.. feeding the fishes with bread and the fishes biting on my fingers.. SYIOK!!
I did not regret one bit for joining the snorkelling trip and was so eager to go again and again..
End up, going back to the resort and lazed around in the swimming pool.. again, my first time :P

But, sad to say, nightlife sucked.. nothing much to do at nite but just looking at the moon and chatting with my colleagues..

So sit back..

and enjoy the photos I have taken here

3 more weeks..Cherating Club Med.. here I comeeeeee...



izso said...

Oh no wonder you dissapeared.

Cherating lagi shhiok. COntionuous flow of whatever beverage you want! Alchohol inclusive.

Alex Hang said...

yeah.. was there last year.. free flow of alcohol from 5pm and not to mention the friendly people there.. and the view.. fulamak..

this year round got photography contest somemore.. time to brush up my skills..

izso said...

I want a big camera too. Sell me yours and go buy a new one!

Alex Hang said...

hmm.. almost bought another one.. but ditched the idea..
Why? cos.. it is not the camera.. it is the photographer.. hehe.. good camera doesn't do good if the photographer is an idiot.. :P

izso said...

Well.. my camera lost the charger so it won't work until I buy a new charger which doesn't exist anymore because it's antiquated. So buy a new camera and sell me yours laaaaaaaaaa

Alex Hang said...

then u better pray mr 4d gives me bonus lo.. haha