Friday, April 11, 2008

The simplest thing in life

Sometimes, we would neglect the things that passes our daily life like a simple "Good Morning" greet from a colleague who looks grumpy all the time..or a smile from that girl you always wanted to say Hi.. or maybe a blardy clear traffic on a Monday morning to work..

Was not really happy to face work today.. not that it is because this week is the patching week but sad to say, I had to face all the patching preparation work by myself.. and to make it sweeter, I had to follow-up on a technical case that was not well prepared for.. Oh well.. work IS great.. It couldn't be better that I had to face all this alone but it also tests my sense of control over all the heap of jobs I already have.. I don't mind if I have to do it alone, it is not the first time so I just take it laid back.. still have time to chat with a few friends of mine online tho'..

Work definitely did not stop but always make time to attend meetings.. I don't forget my duties to represent my team for meetings and although I may not be significant but at least I am there to share my thoughts..

I can see that all my hard work have slowly paid off.. it won't be seen overnight but gradually.. always have been this way from the day I started work.. I wouldn't demand more as I take everyday as it is and will always feel glad that I still have a job to get me through..

As tired as I can be today but still had to carry on my daily operational work and the patching preparation.. They say words can hurt and can also heal.. It was really not something that I was prepared for but my Supervisor sent an email to me from a Manager of another Team praising my dedication towards my duties.. My supervisor was signaling his agreement on the statement and also forwarded the email to the Operations Manager.. For some, it may just be words and it could just mean nothing.. but to me, I appreciate all this and although it may not be an award from the Sultan or the President but I still treat this as a pat on my back telling me that I am doing a good job afterall.

Such a simple sentence of "Good Work" or "You have done a great job" is just enough to lift me up to carry on working like a mule.. You may say that I am dumb but I do have little expectations in life.. I don't go setting goals that are too sky-high to reach and why would I want to compete with people to gain? I believe if I work towards a common goal for everyone especially in a team, rewards will come automatically..

So, these are simplest thing in life that I look for.. I don't care if people do mean it or just saying it for fun.. I'll just take it as it is.. why complicate your life?



izso said...

So give me all your cars mods. Slow or long as you're happy right? :D

And when you become manager / supervisor remember me. I wanna get a high paying job :P

Alex Hang said...

can.. no problem.. since I am not a manager now.. u can still work for me.. hahaha

but looks like i will be working for u when u do car service from now on.. haha

izso said...