Sunday, April 20, 2008

First weekend as a mechanic

One word : TIRED!! that is all I can say but it is damn worth it.. the lessons I learned was really priceless, there was not one time that the questions I asked, was always answered in detailed..
Let me see, just 2 days with the HIM guys, I already done
1) Crankcase Oil change
2) Brake Fluid flush - Haven't learn the ways to release the fluid from the hose tho'..
3) Power Steering Flush
4) Changing Brake pads and servicing the calipers
5) And got to know a few Detailing tips from Kenneth.. his blog can be found here and here (Thanks izso for the links :P)

Next up.. got a car coming in for top overhaul and another for full system flush.. will be a busy weekend again.. nevertheless, the job was fun and it shows my level of knowledge in car maintenance, which is quite steep.. not gonna set a timeline for me to catchup, rather, I feel easier if I just do and learn whichever comes.. also identify my mistakes and find ways to improve it..

This time, I will truly learn they way of managing customers and handling work professionally in front of them.. ARRGHH!! Always feel pressured when having people looking at me doing work.. that is why I always do things in the background silently.. anyway, I gotta adjust myself to that sooner or later..

As I type, I can still feel my bones aching and my back starts to hurt abit.. It will take abit time for me to adjust to this but I know that I surely can handle it..



izso said...


And it's the long hours physical hours that makes being a mech tiring. How you manage to get your gf to agree?

Alex Hang said...

thanks for the links, izso... was looking high and low..

well, she has classes the whole sat and morning sun.. and telling her that I am doing this to save up enough for u-know-what helps.. hehe

izso said...

daaamn.. I gotta do that too. But dunno if Simon gonna accept me or not. Hehe

Alex Hang said...

Talk to Simon bout it rather than assuming.. even if you don't get it, at least you tried mar..

izso said...

Don't want dissapointment la. Besides, I'm not sure I can dedicate the time there.

Alex Hang said...

for starters, if u got time.. just hang out with us and learn bits-by-bits lor.. tat is how i started..
i am still learning.. :P

ET said...

nabeh.. need assistant? hehe

Alex Hang said...

et : yes.. to wash peh-ki tao.. haha