Thursday, April 3, 2008

DHL F1 Private Party

Was quite lucky my boss got 2 extra invites for the DHL F1 Party at The Laundry, The Curve.. No THANKS to my sprained back (refer my earlier blog) that I almost could not make it to the event..
Knowing that the location is infamous for traffic jams.. I left my house 2 hours ealier to the venue.. Surprisingly, the road was quiet.. guess everyone went to Sepang to catch the F1 action instead..
Oh well.. better than nothing lar as the main prize to grab from this event was a Limited Edition Tag Heuer watch.. and it is free.. just go only..

Reached there an hour early.. good.. can laze around the area.. I can say The Curve is one happening place.. seems like there is a lot of events going on.. and I guess there is some sort of cheerleading event going in Cineleisure cos I spy lots of chearleaders around.. duhhh

Caught these 2 lovers walking around Cineleisure..

walking around the area.. there were booths setup by AAM for various promotions including 50% discount on summons payment.. ceh...

Like this oso wanna show..

so..proceed to the event.. first one to register.. and walking around to take photos again..
This is one of the DHL topshots trying out the F1 Simulator game..

Lunch named after the Constructors.. creative..

The MC of the day.. cool guy..

What's F1 without the girls...

The main stage..waiting for the prize presentation..

Prize for guessing the constructor's podium finish.. a bottle of wine..

My colleague there from Shell House got 2nd place for the fastest time in F1 Simulator challenge.. as for me I got 3rd placing.. not bad since I tried only 2 runs.. not too bad ler.. got myself a set of F1 cufflinks..

The winner walked away with the Tag Heuer watch.. I was 2sec behind the winner.. meanwhile the 1st runner was a few milisec.. talk about close..

Other than getting 3rd place for the fastest run.. I got a Tiffany & Co keychain for winning a game of Ridge Racer for PS3..damn nice game.. for those who have a PS3 at home.. a recommended game.. after that game, my hands are itching to buy a set..shit!! no good!!

Well... overall, the event was a great one and everyone left with a gift in hand.. doorgifts in a toolbox.. not bad..

Now, very much looking forward to the upcoming trips.. will be making 3 trips in 2 months and all 3 will be looking at the beach..
Firstly, will be my Team's trip to Perhentian Island which will be from 17th May till 19th May
Then, will be going back Cherating Club Med for the company's trip from 13th June till 15th June.. Heard that this time they gonna organise a photography contest.. can't wait!!
2 weeks later, will be going Langkawi on my own expenses..staying at Langkasuka Beach Resort end of June..and by the time I am back to work in July, will be under a different company.. ah well..

In a flash, it is now April and time really flies.. looking back, how great life was and hope the year ahead will go as plan..



izso said...

niaseng.. got chun bebs also never ajak!

Alex Hang said...

keke.. private party lar..
of cos we had a few more private sessions later.. ;P