Monday, April 14, 2008

AlexHang no more..

15th April marks a historical moment in my life.. I see the passing of AlexHang.. it was not a tragic moment but it was the beginning of a new me.. Don't worry nobody died especially me.. but I am talking bout my Forum ID at WAC changed to HIM-Apprentice.. Dark side turned to I have? no no.. HIM stands for Hexa Infinite Marketing and they do all types of car maintenance and if they can't do it, they will recommend someone who does or in other words HIM are mechanics and I just enrolled myself as their trainee and eventually become one of their fulltime mech (hopefully)..

It is not unusual for me to start thinking of an alternative path on my career..Been there before.. let me see, just to fill you in on my career path as soon as I left Form 6.. I was not those lucky ones to be able to continue my studies after that.. no worries.. So.. as soon as I left school, started off working as a bank teller for almost 8 months with a measly starting salary of RM738..then moved to another bank doing loan documentations for 4 years.. then join a Sales team for a freight company.. left 2 months later cos I just don't know how to sell.. hehe.. Moving on to Star Cruise as a HR coordinator managing crew movements and salary being 2-fold of initial job.. slowly I moved within HR as maintaining the card access system.. later, after much persuasion, got my chance to transfer to IT dept with 0 knowledge of IT.. and as they all say, the rest is history.. with much blood and sweat.. crawled my way up as a System Admin within 2 years in that dept and 2 years later I got a dream job in an MNC company.. where I am currently working.. 1 1/2 years on..

Got alot of people to thank for this.. especially to those who looked down at me.. and also to those who supported me..

Now.. I am looking at charting a different course for my career.. Not totally moving to the new route yet but just giving it a try..perhaps it is a good one.. not as a career maybe but as another added knowledge.. Never liked to stop learning and just want to learn whatever I am capable to..

I immediately called a few of my friends to tell them that I am now a trainee mechanic and wanted to spread the news.. not to get more business but to let them know they have another alternative for car servicing.. Not wanting to sound like a Dick.. but I hope I don't get misunderstood..

Anyway, if you all reading this and would be interested to try out our services.. please contact me..send an email to alexhks at gmail dot com... or msn/ym me at alex_hangks for further details.. The workshop is located in SS2 near the New Paris Restaurant..

OK.. need to prepare a few writeups especially on a new package we gonna offer soon.. Stay tuned... :)



izso said...

How did you get enrolled in the first place? Damn. I wanna do something like that too, but prob is I dunno how to start.

Alex Hang said...

Enrolment is easy, izso.. you just need to bring 1 item.. enthusiasm.. that's all..
Drop by when you are free and slowly learn the trade..

Start? put it this way, we don't start walking as soon as we are born so we just gotta start somewhere, right? Don't mind the hardships and you will do it.. ;)

ET said...

KNS. long didnt read your blog...
I also tutup kedai at friendster blog... totally wipeout... erase middle earth...

Mechanic.... Ah Hang WorkShop Klang.