Sunday, April 20, 2008

First weekend as a mechanic

One word : TIRED!! that is all I can say but it is damn worth it.. the lessons I learned was really priceless, there was not one time that the questions I asked, was always answered in detailed..
Let me see, just 2 days with the HIM guys, I already done
1) Crankcase Oil change
2) Brake Fluid flush - Haven't learn the ways to release the fluid from the hose tho'..
3) Power Steering Flush
4) Changing Brake pads and servicing the calipers
5) And got to know a few Detailing tips from Kenneth.. his blog can be found here and here (Thanks izso for the links :P)

Next up.. got a car coming in for top overhaul and another for full system flush.. will be a busy weekend again.. nevertheless, the job was fun and it shows my level of knowledge in car maintenance, which is quite steep.. not gonna set a timeline for me to catchup, rather, I feel easier if I just do and learn whichever comes.. also identify my mistakes and find ways to improve it..

This time, I will truly learn they way of managing customers and handling work professionally in front of them.. ARRGHH!! Always feel pressured when having people looking at me doing work.. that is why I always do things in the background silently.. anyway, I gotta adjust myself to that sooner or later..

As I type, I can still feel my bones aching and my back starts to hurt abit.. It will take abit time for me to adjust to this but I know that I surely can handle it..


Monday, April 14, 2008

AlexHang no more..

15th April marks a historical moment in my life.. I see the passing of AlexHang.. it was not a tragic moment but it was the beginning of a new me.. Don't worry nobody died especially me.. but I am talking bout my Forum ID at WAC changed to HIM-Apprentice.. Dark side turned to I have? no no.. HIM stands for Hexa Infinite Marketing and they do all types of car maintenance and if they can't do it, they will recommend someone who does or in other words HIM are mechanics and I just enrolled myself as their trainee and eventually become one of their fulltime mech (hopefully)..

It is not unusual for me to start thinking of an alternative path on my career..Been there before.. let me see, just to fill you in on my career path as soon as I left Form 6.. I was not those lucky ones to be able to continue my studies after that.. no worries.. So.. as soon as I left school, started off working as a bank teller for almost 8 months with a measly starting salary of RM738..then moved to another bank doing loan documentations for 4 years.. then join a Sales team for a freight company.. left 2 months later cos I just don't know how to sell.. hehe.. Moving on to Star Cruise as a HR coordinator managing crew movements and salary being 2-fold of initial job.. slowly I moved within HR as maintaining the card access system.. later, after much persuasion, got my chance to transfer to IT dept with 0 knowledge of IT.. and as they all say, the rest is history.. with much blood and sweat.. crawled my way up as a System Admin within 2 years in that dept and 2 years later I got a dream job in an MNC company.. where I am currently working.. 1 1/2 years on..

Got alot of people to thank for this.. especially to those who looked down at me.. and also to those who supported me..

Now.. I am looking at charting a different course for my career.. Not totally moving to the new route yet but just giving it a try..perhaps it is a good one.. not as a career maybe but as another added knowledge.. Never liked to stop learning and just want to learn whatever I am capable to..

I immediately called a few of my friends to tell them that I am now a trainee mechanic and wanted to spread the news.. not to get more business but to let them know they have another alternative for car servicing.. Not wanting to sound like a Dick.. but I hope I don't get misunderstood..

Anyway, if you all reading this and would be interested to try out our services.. please contact me..send an email to alexhks at gmail dot com... or msn/ym me at alex_hangks for further details.. The workshop is located in SS2 near the New Paris Restaurant..

OK.. need to prepare a few writeups especially on a new package we gonna offer soon.. Stay tuned... :)


Friday, April 11, 2008

The simplest thing in life

Sometimes, we would neglect the things that passes our daily life like a simple "Good Morning" greet from a colleague who looks grumpy all the time..or a smile from that girl you always wanted to say Hi.. or maybe a blardy clear traffic on a Monday morning to work..

Was not really happy to face work today.. not that it is because this week is the patching week but sad to say, I had to face all the patching preparation work by myself.. and to make it sweeter, I had to follow-up on a technical case that was not well prepared for.. Oh well.. work IS great.. It couldn't be better that I had to face all this alone but it also tests my sense of control over all the heap of jobs I already have.. I don't mind if I have to do it alone, it is not the first time so I just take it laid back.. still have time to chat with a few friends of mine online tho'..

Work definitely did not stop but always make time to attend meetings.. I don't forget my duties to represent my team for meetings and although I may not be significant but at least I am there to share my thoughts..

I can see that all my hard work have slowly paid off.. it won't be seen overnight but gradually.. always have been this way from the day I started work.. I wouldn't demand more as I take everyday as it is and will always feel glad that I still have a job to get me through..

As tired as I can be today but still had to carry on my daily operational work and the patching preparation.. They say words can hurt and can also heal.. It was really not something that I was prepared for but my Supervisor sent an email to me from a Manager of another Team praising my dedication towards my duties.. My supervisor was signaling his agreement on the statement and also forwarded the email to the Operations Manager.. For some, it may just be words and it could just mean nothing.. but to me, I appreciate all this and although it may not be an award from the Sultan or the President but I still treat this as a pat on my back telling me that I am doing a good job afterall.

Such a simple sentence of "Good Work" or "You have done a great job" is just enough to lift me up to carry on working like a mule.. You may say that I am dumb but I do have little expectations in life.. I don't go setting goals that are too sky-high to reach and why would I want to compete with people to gain? I believe if I work towards a common goal for everyone especially in a team, rewards will come automatically..

So, these are simplest thing in life that I look for.. I don't care if people do mean it or just saying it for fun.. I'll just take it as it is.. why complicate your life?


Thursday, April 3, 2008

DHL F1 Private Party

Was quite lucky my boss got 2 extra invites for the DHL F1 Party at The Laundry, The Curve.. No THANKS to my sprained back (refer my earlier blog) that I almost could not make it to the event..
Knowing that the location is infamous for traffic jams.. I left my house 2 hours ealier to the venue.. Surprisingly, the road was quiet.. guess everyone went to Sepang to catch the F1 action instead..
Oh well.. better than nothing lar as the main prize to grab from this event was a Limited Edition Tag Heuer watch.. and it is free.. just go only..

Reached there an hour early.. good.. can laze around the area.. I can say The Curve is one happening place.. seems like there is a lot of events going on.. and I guess there is some sort of cheerleading event going in Cineleisure cos I spy lots of chearleaders around.. duhhh

Caught these 2 lovers walking around Cineleisure..

walking around the area.. there were booths setup by AAM for various promotions including 50% discount on summons payment.. ceh...

Like this oso wanna show..

so..proceed to the event.. first one to register.. and walking around to take photos again..
This is one of the DHL topshots trying out the F1 Simulator game..

Lunch named after the Constructors.. creative..

The MC of the day.. cool guy..

What's F1 without the girls...

The main stage..waiting for the prize presentation..

Prize for guessing the constructor's podium finish.. a bottle of wine..

My colleague there from Shell House got 2nd place for the fastest time in F1 Simulator challenge.. as for me I got 3rd placing.. not bad since I tried only 2 runs.. not too bad ler.. got myself a set of F1 cufflinks..

The winner walked away with the Tag Heuer watch.. I was 2sec behind the winner.. meanwhile the 1st runner was a few milisec.. talk about close..

Other than getting 3rd place for the fastest run.. I got a Tiffany & Co keychain for winning a game of Ridge Racer for PS3..damn nice game.. for those who have a PS3 at home.. a recommended game.. after that game, my hands are itching to buy a set..shit!! no good!!

Well... overall, the event was a great one and everyone left with a gift in hand.. doorgifts in a toolbox.. not bad..

Now, very much looking forward to the upcoming trips.. will be making 3 trips in 2 months and all 3 will be looking at the beach..
Firstly, will be my Team's trip to Perhentian Island which will be from 17th May till 19th May
Then, will be going back Cherating Club Med for the company's trip from 13th June till 15th June.. Heard that this time they gonna organise a photography contest.. can't wait!!
2 weeks later, will be going Langkawi on my own expenses..staying at Langkasuka Beach Resort end of June..and by the time I am back to work in July, will be under a different company.. ah well..

In a flash, it is now April and time really flies.. looking back, how great life was and hope the year ahead will go as plan..