Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some photography session updates

Yippppeeee... finally got the confirmation from my boss that I will be going to the Private F1 Party organised by DHL this weekend at the Curve.. 10 years since Malaysia has hosted the F1 races, now only that I have the chance of going to one of the party as an invited guest..
For sure, it will surely be another photography session and I reckon the party would be a BLAST!!! with lots of freebies and events, it will sure be an experience of a lifetime.. although not getting the chance to watch it from the stands but this will do..
Another confirmed upcoming photography session would be my Perhentian Trip this May.. The place will sure be a great place to test my CPL filter and capturing beautiful ocean colours..
Too excited, don't know what to write.. Be sure to check back here soon...


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