Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gone missing

Was missing for sometime.. well.. just a little update before I report on the DHL F1 Party event at The Laundry Bar, The Curve..
I was down (but not out) since last Saturday.. Thought of saving up on sending my car to the accessories shop, I attempted to fix my car's central locking system.. Last week, I noticed 2 of my car doors couldn't lock properly.. the door knob didn't pull down as usual.. so, most probably the ever reliable central locking module is faulty.. so, last saturday i decided to remove the doors and fix the culprit.. problem is, one is my rear passenger door which it will be hell to remove the manual window handle.. and one is my front passenger side door which holds my front speakers.. not that hard to remove.. but will take some effort..
Somehow, in the process of removing the doors.. I sprained my back.. and this time was quite bad.. till I felt numb feelings on my legs.. almost fell but managed to hold on.. I could not get up or walk properly after that.. every step I take is like pulling a dead cow with my back.. heavy.. stressed..
I never experienced this type of pain before.. I could not even lie down straight on my back.. that night, could not sleep at all..
Was actually thinking of not attending the F1 Party on Sunday due to the back.. but carried on as I wanted to take some event photos.. Luckily, I could still make it for the event and to carry my camera gears along..
Once I have taken the photos of my prizes.. I'll blog about it here.. stay tuned..


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some photography session updates

Yippppeeee... finally got the confirmation from my boss that I will be going to the Private F1 Party organised by DHL this weekend at the Curve.. 10 years since Malaysia has hosted the F1 races, now only that I have the chance of going to one of the party as an invited guest..
For sure, it will surely be another photography session and I reckon the party would be a BLAST!!! with lots of freebies and events, it will sure be an experience of a lifetime.. although not getting the chance to watch it from the stands but this will do..
Another confirmed upcoming photography session would be my Perhentian Trip this May.. The place will sure be a great place to test my CPL filter and capturing beautiful ocean colours..
Too excited, don't know what to write.. Be sure to check back here soon...


Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Chinese Joke

Not too understand what this joke means but sure it is something naughty..
For my Chinese educated readers (if I have any readers).. here goes, enjoy

一小孩去買by套.說:"老闆,我買個by套."老闆一看是一小孩,沒搭理他.小孩又說:」。一個。老闆.我要買by套!」  老闆說。.你要多大的。...  小孩說:」要特大的!」 帶著懷疑老闆給他拿了..小孩二話沒說就打開套在了頭上.....;老闆問:」  你這是幹嗎/?」


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not too keen

Got news today that my department has confirmed a trip to Pulau Perhentian during the May holidays.. Don't know why but.. not too keen on joining.. maybe because it is just ANOTHER trip to an island.. mind you, after joining this company, already have 2 trips to seaside which is and Cherating Club Med..and I am actually planning for a trip to Langkawi to relax this year.. perhaps working on an island for the past 6 years did not excite me at all.. If I should say working in West Port is an island.. well it is..but.. anyway...
Let me see.. rumours has it that there will be another trip for the whole staff and it will be Cherating again.. well.. I am ok with it.. nice place.. freeflow of drinks.. maybe this time, I should play the games instead of watching.. and maybe this time I will be lucky enough to take the photos of sunrise?
Back to the Perhentian island trip.. well.. there's only 11 confirmed participant.. 11.. helllllooooo... 3 days 2 nights with only 11 people.. duhhhhhhhh... 2 days 1 night oso enough lah.. Initially, supposed to combine with another department but all of them decided to go Langkawi for boozing.. and my boss said no one in his dept drinks.. duhhh.. I drink mah.. and furthermore, there's heaps of stuff to do there other than drinking.. Besides.. I don't see any excitement in Perhentian other than.. TV.. if they have TV lar.. aiyoyo...

Actually, I don't want to go one lah.. but was forced by my boss.. *$_*@$^/-!@.. haiii.. need to pay for our own transportation arrangements.. and by flight it is almost RM400 by AirAsia.. there goes my plan to buy the watch I have been eyeing.. anyway.. still better than my previous place.. i can't really recall what was the best event I had with the previous company... maybe there aren't any... good riddance anyway...

I guess, looking at the bright side, if go mar make the best out of it lor and also have another round of photo session.. which I have put it off for some time.. anyway, never mind ler.. go mar go only lor.. what to do.. you happy, i try to be happy lor..