Tuesday, February 19, 2008

People behind monitors

Well, as usual, was going through a few automative forums today looking at topic updates.. nothing unusual.. so happens, found a topic openned in one of the forums stating a member from that particular forum intimidating their member's car by tailgating him/her dangerously.. how did they identify the culprit? through the car sticker that clearly states the automative club forum address..
Well, this is not the first time I hear this.. someone sticking some car sticker of a particular automative club and driving recklessly.. Come on.. if you would stick those stickers, you are either promoting or disrespecting the club.. that is why, till now, I would rather not stick any of those stickers on my car.. I do not want to represent anyone..
So, for the particular case I saw today.. the member from the other club invaded the culprit's club and start posting garbage.. lots of messages bout superiority, summoned the culprit to show himself, pornographic photos and all that..
In the end, the moderators decided to delete all those topics and replies.. In my opinion, this is not the right action by the moderators and will only fuel more fire.. best is to settle it in person.. I know it will be ugly but then wouldn't that solve the problem instead of sweeping rubbish under the carpet..
Well, for those who did not manage to read ALL the postings, they wouldn't know cos all of them has been deleted now.. how about those who did? What would they think of the way moderators handled the case? I am not active in forums but I know and understand people through the way they write and I can say that people usually talk big in forums but keeps quiet in person or most of time, do not show up at all... You can guess the personality of the people behind their monitors by the way they write..
It is quite interesting, actually, to see people through the writings and meet them later to see if you have made the right deductions...

Can you guess what kind of person I am through my words?


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