Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making the headlines

Well, Hong Kong entertainment industry has been rocked hard early in the year 2008..
This week alone, we had 2 big news..
First of was the passing of a GREAT entertainment icon, Lydia Sum has succumbed to her illness after battling for a year plus... she was diagnosed with liver cancer (not mistakenly) then slowly her health deteriorated.. sad but then it will end her suffering.. she doesn't look the same since then..

Then, today, Edison Chen has announced that he will "retire" from the entertainmnet industry.. If you all just came back from Mars, let me fill you in.. A month ago, explicit photos from Edison Chen's archives where leaked out after he brought his laptop for repair.. I don't think I need to link any of the photos here cos I would presume someone would've forwarded you the photos.. Give him a break, people.. there are meant to be private (perhaps for his own entertainment later).. But then again, he shouldn't have taken all those photos in the first place.. maybe retiring would be good for him but he needs to dig a hole somewhere in the Amazon Jungle to hide now.. Apparently, he is a wanted man now by the HK Triads out to teach him a lesson, the bounty is HKD500,000 for his hand.. hmm.. I dunno bout the deal but what do you think about this? Should he be left alone or should be beaten up and punished?

From the way 2008 has started on HK.. they better do something to bring it back up..


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