Thursday, February 28, 2008

Election or Erection?

In another week time, Malaysians gonna be out doing their responsibility to vote for the General Elections which is happening on the 8th March...
As usual.. along the roads you can see posters..flags all vying to be on top of each other.. small towns will be unusually packed with people especially candidates making their rounds to meet the "hopefully" supporters...
How weird that my area here will have a free makan session organised by one of the parties.. perhaps I should go there do some shooting on the candidates.. err.. i mean go shoot some photos lar.. what else... but then again.. I always wonder why is it so special that only when before the elections only can their faces leh? Can't they come here any other time.. wouldn't that be better than spending the local folks?
Aiya... human is like that lar.. that is why I always wonder.. do you really need to wait till a special occasion only you will do it? for example.. treating your loved ones special only on valentine's day and not any other day? treating someone only on birthdays?
I wonder if people could actually look today just like any other day.. and not treat a special day just because it is.. special? people often put off something to do and wait to do it another day because it would be special?.. I don't believe that if your heart tells you it is right and you want to wait for 3 months? 6 months? just to do it.. ?? to be fair, for some, they may needed some time just to be sure.. but why set a date? can life change in 6 months? can mind change in 1 year? NO.. life can change now.. or a minute later... or tomorrow.. there is no one that can tell you what will happen next.. so why wait?
I know I am not waiting something to happen because I don't believe on sitting idle.. If I want it to happen, I will go ahead and do it.. wait? why wait? Just go out and prove yourself..


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