Thursday, February 28, 2008

Election or Erection?

In another week time, Malaysians gonna be out doing their responsibility to vote for the General Elections which is happening on the 8th March...
As usual.. along the roads you can see posters..flags all vying to be on top of each other.. small towns will be unusually packed with people especially candidates making their rounds to meet the "hopefully" supporters...
How weird that my area here will have a free makan session organised by one of the parties.. perhaps I should go there do some shooting on the candidates.. err.. i mean go shoot some photos lar.. what else... but then again.. I always wonder why is it so special that only when before the elections only can their faces leh? Can't they come here any other time.. wouldn't that be better than spending the local folks?
Aiya... human is like that lar.. that is why I always wonder.. do you really need to wait till a special occasion only you will do it? for example.. treating your loved ones special only on valentine's day and not any other day? treating someone only on birthdays?
I wonder if people could actually look today just like any other day.. and not treat a special day just because it is.. special? people often put off something to do and wait to do it another day because it would be special?.. I don't believe that if your heart tells you it is right and you want to wait for 3 months? 6 months? just to do it.. ?? to be fair, for some, they may needed some time just to be sure.. but why set a date? can life change in 6 months? can mind change in 1 year? NO.. life can change now.. or a minute later... or tomorrow.. there is no one that can tell you what will happen next.. so why wait?
I know I am not waiting something to happen because I don't believe on sitting idle.. If I want it to happen, I will go ahead and do it.. wait? why wait? Just go out and prove yourself..


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making the headlines

Well, Hong Kong entertainment industry has been rocked hard early in the year 2008..
This week alone, we had 2 big news..
First of was the passing of a GREAT entertainment icon, Lydia Sum has succumbed to her illness after battling for a year plus... she was diagnosed with liver cancer (not mistakenly) then slowly her health deteriorated.. sad but then it will end her suffering.. she doesn't look the same since then..

Then, today, Edison Chen has announced that he will "retire" from the entertainmnet industry.. If you all just came back from Mars, let me fill you in.. A month ago, explicit photos from Edison Chen's archives where leaked out after he brought his laptop for repair.. I don't think I need to link any of the photos here cos I would presume someone would've forwarded you the photos.. Give him a break, people.. there are meant to be private (perhaps for his own entertainment later).. But then again, he shouldn't have taken all those photos in the first place.. maybe retiring would be good for him but he needs to dig a hole somewhere in the Amazon Jungle to hide now.. Apparently, he is a wanted man now by the HK Triads out to teach him a lesson, the bounty is HKD500,000 for his hand.. hmm.. I dunno bout the deal but what do you think about this? Should he be left alone or should be beaten up and punished?

From the way 2008 has started on HK.. they better do something to bring it back up..


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

People behind monitors

Well, as usual, was going through a few automative forums today looking at topic updates.. nothing unusual.. so happens, found a topic openned in one of the forums stating a member from that particular forum intimidating their member's car by tailgating him/her dangerously.. how did they identify the culprit? through the car sticker that clearly states the automative club forum address..
Well, this is not the first time I hear this.. someone sticking some car sticker of a particular automative club and driving recklessly.. Come on.. if you would stick those stickers, you are either promoting or disrespecting the club.. that is why, till now, I would rather not stick any of those stickers on my car.. I do not want to represent anyone..
So, for the particular case I saw today.. the member from the other club invaded the culprit's club and start posting garbage.. lots of messages bout superiority, summoned the culprit to show himself, pornographic photos and all that..
In the end, the moderators decided to delete all those topics and replies.. In my opinion, this is not the right action by the moderators and will only fuel more fire.. best is to settle it in person.. I know it will be ugly but then wouldn't that solve the problem instead of sweeping rubbish under the carpet..
Well, for those who did not manage to read ALL the postings, they wouldn't know cos all of them has been deleted now.. how about those who did? What would they think of the way moderators handled the case? I am not active in forums but I know and understand people through the way they write and I can say that people usually talk big in forums but keeps quiet in person or most of time, do not show up at all... You can guess the personality of the people behind their monitors by the way they write..
It is quite interesting, actually, to see people through the writings and meet them later to see if you have made the right deductions...

Can you guess what kind of person I am through my words?


Saturday, February 16, 2008

A total revamp

My blog doesn't seem to be going anywhere... don't have the motivation to continue writing.. sooooo.. it is time to revamp everything, start anew.. just like what I am doing now.. will be back soooon enough...

Ciao... :)